Tubular turbine

Tubular turbine has been divided into Bulb tubular and shaft extension tubular according to the arrangement.Main components including: runner, draft cone, water chamber, guide vane, bearing, and main shaft. The spiral case could be steel or concrete. Turbine units normally be horizontal shaft arrangement. Generator equipped with same or different shaft, with Anyway, they will share the same rotating speed. If specially required, a speed increase gear could be equipped between turbine and generator in order to smaller the generator size.

1.Suitable water head : 2-25m

2. Output scope : 200Kw -16Mw

3. Runner diameter : 80cm -500cm

4.Runner material : stainless steel

5. Arrangement type : Horizontal

Shaft Extension Tubular Turbine

The tubular turbine requires less space than other turbines, a saving in civil costs is realized due to a smaller powerhouse and shallow requirements for the draft tube, which is equipped with adjustable wicket gates and adjustable runner blades. This arrangement provides the greatest possible flexibility in adapting to changing net head and changing demands for power output; Because the gates and blades can be adjusted to their optimum openings.

The tubular turbines are the best selection for exploitation of tidal power and hydraulic power with extremely low heads and extremely large flow rates. They have large discharge, high specific and high efficiency, and need less excavation.

They have been classified into Bulb, Pit, Siphon and "S" types in the light of their structural types.

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